Romans 1:22 Professing to be wise, they became fools…

I appreciate science because I love God. I’m enamored by His majesty and design, and to imagine that He is infinitely greater and more vast than His creation is a testament to His great glory. God created the things observed by science- the systems and laws that govern and uphold the structure of reality and life. However, fallen man deceived by the likeness of the watchers, distorted science and made, SCIENCE- the worship of knowledge and wisdom. The high-mindedness of men and angel alike has caused many to believe that discovering how God’s creation functions is equal to the act of creation itself. Oppositely God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge, a blatant splinter in the eye of the church. The problem is that we have allowed ourselves to be ignorant.

The Light of Jesus Christ has come into the world and presented us with the ability to choose what we will do with our time: to study and ask for discernment that we may having understanding, or to be idle and apathetic, and ignorant to what’s happening around us. We should not depend on men for our knowledge, nor should we expect God to gift us all knowledge especially without seeking His face. This would essentially defeat the purpose of existence on Earth, for with all knowledge there is no longer a need for faith. Without faith there is no means for us to have the choice to reject or receive God’s eternal love if we truly knew that which awaits, nor could we demonstrate our love to God, and therefore what relationship is there? Remember, a true relationship is not based on what material things you get out of it but what each individual is willing to sacrifice for the other. And in truth we are the only ones benefiting in our relationship with God. We can offer Him nothing but our love and yet He has given us all including the love by which we may love Him in return. Getting into heaven or fear of hell should not be the driving causes in our relationship with God, but instead serving Him because of His perfection in all things, endless love, mercy and sacrifice for all of us. Keep this in mind when we do God’s works, are we doing them for our own self-righteousness to tout over others? Because I confess, thoughts will surely arise to do so. Or because we feel obligated, worried or condemned if we don’t? Or on the contrary do we do His will out of a desire to please Him, to do that which God deserves from us? To love like Him, to do things as He would because He is perfect, just and righteous. And how do we know He is all of these things?

Let me ask you- how many times must God forgive Israel of her sins before He is deemed merciful in your eyes? While we were enemies of Him, He died that our unrighteousness might be covered. How is God not just in condemning the sinner? For if they had merely believed on His sacrifice they would not only be saved from His wrath, but deemed as the children of the Most High and converted to a doer of righteousness. Is this the injustice of God or man’s pride which wishes to be God in order to deem his own actions just? How much love would you say it takes to lay down your own life for those who hated you, that through faith they might have the opportunity to have the ultimate hope and purpose? How is God’s Word not the truth if He spoke reality into being? And if you say “He did not create all things, we do not even know if He exists.” Then you will see that your own heart condemns you, the problem is that you desire believe the lie more than the truth because it is seemingly more convenient. Test it and you will see. Seek and you shall find, ask it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened. But if you will not, then you have already condemned yourself, and in hellfire shall you burn for not only have you rejected the perfect love of Christ for your own selfish contempt, but you have also transgressed His law in denial of your own conscience. Mercy is offered but only through genuine faith, repentance and humility. Turn aside the ways of this world that you might proclaim a righteous, true and worthy purpose in the Messiah for no amount of your “good works” can save you. No, only the blood of the lamb slain from the foundations of the earth can quench such a worthy wrath despite it being our nails that put Him there.

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