Yeshua Is Real

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the waythe truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Our King is more than a mere archetype bound on a hero’s journey. He is more than a symbol, or expression of the human condition. He does not have virtue to display His dominion over us, but because He bears the full image of God within Him. Then in following in His image we mustn’t display virtue, nor sacrifice to be goodly in man’s eyes but for the purpose of exemplifying the author of our spirit. From where a story begins, there it will end. Man was created from dust, and shall return to it. God walked with man in the garden before the fall, and He came to walk with us again. If you receive the Spirit of God, then to God you will be restored. He does not condemn you, He convicts you because of the potential He has placed within you. There in the High Heavens He reigned upon the throne of glory, and though He descended to die here as we do, He has ascended again to His throne, resurrected in power and glory. If you were chosen by Him then you sat with Him to the right of His throne before the foundations of the Earth were laid, there also shall you return. Therefore have hope and remain steadfast in your faith, holding tight to the love which He has given to us, until we meet Him again beyond the Highest of Heavens surpassing the limited possibilities of the imagination. Indeed, Christ is more real than that which we can knowingly perceive of ourselves in this current moment. And when He returns for His People, then shall all be made to see the falsity of this place in contrast to the purity of truth in His countenance; dazzling in emblazoned white, tried and true, real with no false in sight, full of love and grace, and might.

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