Hope in Repentance

“With all of our being may we dedicate ourselves to you o’ Heavenly Father. with all of our hearts, minds, and souls may we love you, Rejecting the wickedness of the world and accepting no standard less than what you have set for us.  may we grow to become worthy vessels of you, conduits of your will and an exemplification of the true Church that your Son was a sacrifice for. Denying ourselves, taking up our crosses and following in the way of the master let us walk by our God’s Spirit abiding in the true vine that we may bear the abundant fruits of righteousness our God is worthy to reap from His labor in us. Therefore, let us turn to our first love, being zealous in repentance to live unto God as we are called to; no longer loving in word alone but serving one another even in lack, loving one another as Christ first loved us that we would lay our lives down for one another, esteeming each other higher than ourselves, struggling together for righteousness sake and edifying, uplifting and exhorting each other rejoicing in the name of our Savior and demonstrating to the world perfect love, peace and calm despite the tribulation we shall endure. Until the completion of your purpose you have set forth for each of us may we purify and prepare ourselves to be a bride without blemish or spot for the triumphant return of our King. Brothers and sisters let us unite in love, truth, and righteousness under the power and authority of the Name Above Every Name. No longer can we walk in fear, or confusion while the darkness of this world shrouds us from the heavens, for where there is light no darkness can reside, so also is the war that is waged within us. Let us join together in courage and boldness for our Master’s sake and decrease until only HIS light and perfection remains.”

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