Dreams of Warning, Wake Up

About 3-4 years ago: The Burning Restaurant

In this dream, I walked the streets of a city, I rounded a corner and there was restaurant to my right. High above the entrance of the door was a large metal sign sticking out on two metal bars. As I looked into the restaurant through the window I began to notice smoke coming from the kitchen. Suddenly a light began to come from the back. Fire. It continued to grow, and yet no one in the kitchen seemed to notice it. As it grew it began to even ignite the cooks and they were beginning run around on fire screaming. Yet no one did a thing. People continued to eat, the waiters continued to serve. The fire started to spread to the dining room. As this was all happening I was running around the building yelling at people trying to get their attention, I began dragging people out of the building like they were dead corpses and throwing them through the windows. The whole restaurant was now on fire and people finally began to try and exit. I ran outside and noticed the wind was picking up quickly, the sign above the door was swaying and bouncing up and down violently as if it were coming loose. I pointed up and said something like, “look up! the sign is going to fall!” Just as those in the building finally made it through the door the sign fell upon their heads, and I woke up.

Look up before the sign hits you on the head. If you don’t see the fire, the burning victims or the people incessantly warning you to leave the burning building while you eat your food and drink and do nothing you will surely burn or be crushed along with them.

1-2 Years Ago: The Knock on the Door

As I slept, everything was completely dark. I couldn’t seem to see anything, when a light began to show, it began to etch out what looked like a door frame. Abruptly and as real as life I clearly heard several knocks. I woke up with a gasp and realized it was only a dream. I went back to sleep. Immediately again I was in the dark room with the illuminated rectangular frame, with the light coming from around, above, and under what seemed to be a door. Again I heard as real as life a couple of knocks. I woke up and gasped again, now startled, I said I am here Lord. Nothing, but a sense of urgency to do something arose. Yet After texting some people in my fellowship about it I put my head down on my pillow once again tired and went back to sleep hoping to receive something more in the dream. The same door appeared, I heard the knocks and opened the door, light shined through onto me, and there stood a figure with the form of a son of man, I stared at him and he stared at me as if to stay may I come in? I said something to the effect of I’m ready, but still we stared at each other for a long time until the door began to slowly swing closed, and then swivel open again just in front of his face. It then rapidly began to open and close back and forth, until finally being sealed. The light around the door began to fade. Quickly I opened it before it was completely dark, the light ushered in again and became one with Him.

Jesus is knocking at the doors of the Church and of our hearts, if we open the door and invite Him into us, He will come and eat with us. He is waiting on us, how long will He tarry? Are we in or out? He was looking for more than just words, but obedience. Once you invite Him into your home He will bring the light of the world into your spiritual darkness, so that you can see, and He will offer you the living water and bread of life so you will never hunger or thirst again. Right now the door is being sealed to be eternally closed and if you do not open it you will be left in the outer darkness forever.

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