Mercy and Severity of the Father



I feel lost my Holy Father. I feel weak. I succumb to temptation like a drunk drawn to the bottle. I do things I know I should not. I have failed you more times than my heart has beat I cannot comprehend how you could you still love me. The world spirals around me and suffocates me like a serpent blotting out the sun. I feel as if I have lost you. I must repent but I know not how. What must I do my Lord? I beg of you please show me.

The Answer:

Be disciplined,
You have been weak (to sin) only because you have allowed yourself to be so
Temptation is nothing more than a moment’s temporal desire passing in time
I Am Forever, remember me and who I Am always in the forefront of your mind and you shall commit no sin against me

Be loving and forgiving,
If you wish to be loved then you must first show love (this was demonstrated on the cross)
If you wish me to forgive you then you must first forgive those who trespass against you

Be vigilant and patient,
Prepare for my coming for you shall not know the hour until it is at your door
Prepare yourself and let your heart be open to me for guidance
When your time arises pursue with no hesitation

Pursue the truth and be unafraid,
Awaken your brethren even though they have been blinded, for so were you yet now you see
You will find me through them
And you will find yourself through me

I have been with you all along, but your choices have prompted me to leave for I shall not exist where sin is committed continually. Yet through the blood of the Messiah you have been redeemed and I shall never forsake you; do not forsake me. I Am your True Father and I will love you till the end of time. It is your own actions that displace me from you, for I gave you freewill and the reigns to your judgement. Use your choice for My Name’s sake and walk in the path of righteousness where you shall live no lie. Where you shall find true purpose; for not only is this road filled with splendor more plenty than the sea it is the only route to true wisdom and peace. My child it is time now to take up your birth right and become who you were born to be; from among the darkness of the world I made you to be a vessel of light. You shall do all these things through Me

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