The American Church

Read Jeremiah 3-5

Look at the so-called Church, what do you see? I see a lamp stand without a candle. Her worship empty and stages filled with smoke and vanity. She has culled crows to roost in her rafters. Where has her glory and light faded to? For I see a white sepulcher with aisles full of dead bones and bloated corpses. I see a people barren and naked whose attendance and conveniently good works are used as a means to excuse their evil. I see stadiums full of goats bowing before butchers while they pass their kids through the fire. I see cowardly and lucre driven pastors and leaders who keep their congregations in cycles of perpetuity, eating the fatted lamb while their own flocks starve. I see hirelings who read scriptures only to maintain their job, comfort and self-driven purposes. There is no growth, they are like dead branches severed off from the tree. Yet, even now, if they repent they shall be grafted back to receive eternal life. But those who have tasted and seen the goodness of God and turned away completely can never return, crucifying Christ anew and putting Him to an open shame. Reverence, give thanks through loving sacrifice, and fear the God that saved you from the furnace, lest you be given to return to the pit you came from.

Turn to Jesus Christ with All of Your Heart “Christian”

Did you know that attending a building of worship does not mean you are saved? It is those who worship in spirit and truth who God desires. Did you know that you were created in the image and likeness of God after the image of the first man to be a temple, a dwelling place of the Most High. Therefore, be holy, lest you be like the desecrated like the Temple of Jerusalem, trodden down by foreigners from a distant land. Did you know that believing in a Higher Power or universal God doesn’t make you any more saved from hell than a devil? For even the demons believe and they do tremble. The blind could see that there is a creator, but who has been enlightened by His grace to seek His face, that they would begin to know His ways and exact His purposes? More than a logical analysis, confess aloud that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in your heart that He risen from the dead and you will be saved. Did you know that if you are truly in Christ and Christ in you, He will change your desires and cause you to cease from sinning by His freedom giving Spirit? Did you know that unless you turn from your sin and strive with all of your heart to abide in Christ, you haven’t really repented or showed contriteness of heart? When you love someone and their character you desire to talk to them, it is no more a chore or part of a laundry list. How much more God who is perfect? How often does your soul commune with the one that made you? There is no limit or threshold to the amount we should speak to and share with our Creator and Redeemer. Someone who hates you flatters you with pleasing words and a smiling face so that you might give them something. but reveals their heart when they have obtained their desire from you and are not to be seen or heard from again until they need you. How much more does God see this in us?

Turn Back To Your First Love Backslider

Do you know that when you are baptized in the water and Spirit of God you become one with Christ as a husband does a wife? Or do yo not even value marriage now? For i see a husband that weeps for His unruly wife. A harlot that unrepentantly fornicates with the world, day after day, saying, “my husband has forgiven me, I do no wrong, just a little here and a little there is acceptable.” Do you not know a little leaven leavens the whole lump? I see an inwardly dead harlot, arrayed in scarlet and pierced through her tongue, ears and nose with hoops of gold and silver, that in secret she carries herself about the streets for play, while her husband watches in disgust, sorrow and jealous fury. He warns time and time again and says, “if you turn back to me, I will wash you as white as snow, for you are mine, I have married the backslider, but shall make you new again if you reconcile with me and turn with all of your heart. Lest in my sorrow and disgust i put you away for your idolatry.” Humble yourself with great shame and rend your heart for you have turned from your first love, the one that gave everything of Himself to have you and gone after those that use you for self gain and pleasure. Turn back to your spouse lest He divorce you and find another for your adultery, for how long would you stay with a spouse who spent their nights at strangers houses cheating on you? How long will you bring shame to your household before you yourself are put out, or do you think you can fool the Lord with your lying tongue and flattery also? Jesus is returning for a Bride without spot or blemish, pure, and virginal. Repent, exchange your scandal for chastity, your ashes for beauty, be washed, and adorn the wedding dress of the solid white righteousness of Christ.

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