For the Glory of Jesus Christ

You seek for your own increase in godliness, yet true godliness is found in bringing increase to those around you. For this is the will of God, that every man should come to knowledge of the glorious truth and be saved, being restored to the complete image of God by which man was first created in Christ. Therefore, the will of God is alone for our benefit, and when we benefit others we receive the true reward. That which God takes pleasure in reveals the depths of His goodness. But if you do the contrary and seek to benefit yourself that you might rule over men, then you will only remain greater than those who have been made weak, and your reward will be in vain and temporary. Is it not written, “the greatest among you shall be your servant.”?

If we desire to be godly then we must imitate He who alone is God incarnate. “I am a worm, and not a man”, this our Messiah declared to David despite being the Creator of all, flawless, and omnipotent. “All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me.” And if He being perfect in all ways humbled His countenance beneath man, and we being vile and corrupt think ourselves worthy to be called men; how much more must we humble ourselves beneath the worm having knowledge of our wrong doing? For if we exalt ourselves then when the truth is revealed we will be abased, having the records of our own wickedness exposed. Boast of your weaknesses that God’s power may overcome them in the face of men so that He may receive the glory He deserves for creating you and restoring you to perfection. When He has fashioned you thusly, (I speak not as one who has attained, but desires earnestly to be made pleasing to the Lord) in continuation of His work, speak and do His truth (His word is reality), for repentance and grace are a gift from God by which we can only give thanks for in our loving reciprocation and praise. Thus it is written, “there is no longer condemnation in Christ”, if we proceed forth in His ways, and confess our sins to God and one another in shame what shame do we have any longer, for God Himself shall uplift you in the midst of your frailties, and then what shall men say if God is for you still? But in the wicked’s pride they shall scoff and scorn; they shall be observed by God from afar off and kept until the day of judgement, because they did not humble themselves and draw near to the Redeemer of men that He might mend them as He would unto any. They paint their outsides like gold gilding to hide their shame, yet by the fervent heat of His coming it will fleck off like dried skin and dust, their depravity revealed like vulture eaten carcasses. Instead, if we merely humble ourselves, not just to God in word, but also to men in truth, then God is exalted as He is worthy of, and we in turn are glorified by His works within us because He as a loving Father takes pleasure in right doing, and rewards those who please Him in doing righteous works from a contrite heart. Because you have not seen Him, yet by faith acknowledged His divine nature, trusted in Him and done as He has done, like wheat He shall take you into His storehouse and guard you. And being a temple reestablished and founded upon Him, filled by Him as a vessel unto Him who is the all consuming fire, you will be refined, that nothing but His goodness stands. You therefore, shall in no likewise perish at His coming, but rather shall meet Him in the air, and be even as He is, for the temporary flesh by fire shall be shed and the light of God within you revealed in glory in the face of those who mocked.

What righteousness do I have? Any righteousness I have is God’s. What wisdom do I have? All wisdom is from on high, and every man a fool by his own works. I take no counsel from men, nor can I give any, for if a man says he is wise, then he does not comprehend that wisdom is from God, and if he speaks the truth then it is not him that speaks but the Spirit of God within him. What glory do I have but vanity, for all true glory is God’s and all things good a gift from Him. We can only take sorrowful credit in the things of God we have corrupted, that in doing the truth, we be restored to the truth which God created us to be a temple of. Even in these saying God is glorified, for it is not I that speak but His Word within me that overflows from the heart He has given me. Amen

It is written that the temple of God shall be a house of prayer, and that all nations shall come to worship Him in it. But it is all those that worship in spirit and truth who have become the temple of God, as He is glorified in them. By His glorious light all darkness is blotted out and every void filled within us. And when New Jerusalem descends out of Heaven no temple of stone will remain, but as scripture says, the temple will be God, and the Lamb Himself. All those that worship shall be entirely immersed within and without by His presence. God residing within His people by His Spirit, and His people within Him just as the Only Begotten was in the Father’s bosom before the beginning. Thus the saying is fulfilled, “a man shall leave his parents and cleave unto his wife and become one” so will our savior come down from heaven and become one with us. He goes now to prepare a place for His bride. Who will be ready at His coming? For those that wear not the glory of His raiments will likewise not enter into His abode and stay.

Our flesh’s weakness was allowed by us, but God is merciful and kind to the sinner desiring that all should come to acknowledgement of the truth, that He that created us may be made manifest Himself to us, becoming complete, lacking nothing even as He is, for we shall become one with our Father by the depths of living waters that fill us.

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