Warning Dream (Vaccine)


Everything appeared somewhat normal. The sun was out it was beautiful, there were many distractions services, amenities in the foreground that remained constant. However, in the background things were changing. Government operatives and others dressed as flight attendants wore smiling faces petitioning people. The by standers who were out of focus began to disappear, and it started to become apparent that the busyness of the scene started to become less and less until much fewer people remained in the area. The government workers started to then enter into full view, attempting to convince people to take a vaccine, but in my spirit I knew it was related in some way to the Mark of the beast. The words of the Bible became exceedingly clear in that moment, then suddenly chaotic/systemic persecution came. I then appeared in the wilderness on a hiking trail walking inconspicuously. Yet they approached still as I was on a hiking trail. I denied to take the vaccine/mark and their countenance changed getting more intrusive and angry, at this point I woke up.

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