Presidential Dream

2-3 Years Ago

Donald Trump was standing on the shoulder of a highway, there was a large news crew interviewing him of various media outlets toting cameras, microphones and other equipment. Strangely he was coddling an infant within his arms, he answered against the reporters stern faced and continued to hold the child. Cars were passing by on the freeway, they began to come very close to hitting Trump yet he remained calm and collected, not phased. The cars continued to inch closer and closer until one swerved to hit him. In response Trump continuing to interview casually stepped out of the way and then back into position. Cars continued to fly by accelerating as if to intentionally hit him. Yet Trump continued to calmly side step them, with composer, defending the child and his position from the onslaught of the reporters. Suddenly a horde of cars began racing in unison towards him, it became total chaos, yet the media continued to try and interview him yelling and shouting as if completely uncaring that he was about to be run over along with the child. As the cars swerved to try and hit him he dodged and weaved and dove with great agility while still holding the child. The road began to buckle as if there was an earthquake and cars began to be launched upwards into the air flying all around. There were so many cars at one point he could not avoid being hit, he was struck in the arm hit the ground and quickly popped back up with the child in his arms. Then a semi-truck flipped and started to quickly roll towards him, having nowhere to go he started to run in the other direction until his back was against the wall of a building, the semi-truck rolled and smashed him and the child. The truck rolled off and it was revealed that he had and the specifically infant were horribly killed. The news crew gathered footage without compassion, I was screaming in anger and crying even after waking up.

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