Habits that serve the Lord

“Do you serve your habits or do your habits serve you?”
When you create/learn a habit or pattern, beneficial or negative it becomes engrained in us to do; a second nature response whereby it is performed with nearly no effort or thought. 
It takes generally 21 days to make or break a habit, (depending on the age of the person the amount of time doing it, and the difficulty/complexity of the habit/pattern). 
-An exhortation to rise much before the sun 
Without distractions and stimulus, just darkness and silence. You and the King
Worship in spirit and in truth
Give thanks, give praise and petition that His will be done. Intercede for others. Ask for wisdom and understanding of things that you may be able to answer and live on. When you do not know what to pray, speak in tongues, that the Holy Spirit may give you utterance. If you are groaning and travailing after some time be silent. Listen to His voice that He may direct your steps, weep and meditate upon His word and law. Reverence, humble yourself in His presence and do all this with the purpose to know and understand Him more, to be more conformed to His image, to please Him in obedience, to be made able to serve Him and do His will (as He did for us that we would live, we do so that He would receive the reward and glory). Amen, “let it be so”. 
The more we deny (sacrifice) the flesh for His sake the more He causes us to delight in Him. The more we delight in Him the less we want of the world. Do all things not out of vain oblation but intentionality with loving sacrifice and obedience. When you adore someone all you want is to please them, to worship them, to commune with them. Adore the Lord alone for He alone is worthy in truth. How much more should we first cling to our savior above and before all things. All praise to the Lord of Hosts
-An exhortation to pray without ceasing, rejoice always, and give thanks in all things
Instantaneous speech in accordance with God’s will casts down all vain imaginationsand does not allow strongholds of doubt to form
“All problems are met with prayer, all suffering is met with thanksgiving, all gladness is shown in praise”
-An exhortation to travail before rest at night
Sorrow is at night but joy cometh in the mourning
The day is summarized with many difficulties that may only fitly be answered  by petitioning the Lord, asking for forgiveness, strength, mercy and grace
Do not go to sleep in your wrath, do not get comfortable in sin, repent, cast your burdens upon the Lord for He cares for you
Make no provision for sin or slothfulness, hate it, detest it, make no excuse for it, allow godly sorrow to bring you to life. Exercise all tension and sin so that you are not hindered, that you do not become numb and hardened of heart. 
It is much easier and satisfying to rest after you have fully expended your energy for the day. Like eating after exercise, rest is not for pleasure’s sake alone but so that you can continue to labor. 
Praying deeply before sleep prepares you to pray the morning after. This continual cycle of prayer maintains momentum and insures that you do not stagnate, instead it provides consistent growth. 
-An exhortation to humble yourself continually
“A tree that bears much fruit, bears much weight. It bows down very low or else it breaks.”

Do all honorable things to not be seen of men
Confessing and boasting of your weaknesses that God may overcome by His grace
Practical applications:
Denying yourself and serving others who cannot return an earthly reward
Give thanks but take no credit for the good you have done, give glory to God and commend others
Weekly fasting to give others food and pray
Praying in secret with reverence to the Lord, on knees, head bowed to ground, shoes offFor men- head uncovered and shorter hairFor women- head covered with vail or with very long hair
-An exhortation to study and shew thyself approved
Lean not to your own understanding
Give great attention to the hearing/reading of scripture until it is embedded in your heart and can give response to every question asked
Do not interpret, for the scriptures interpret themselves. Precept upon precept, line upon line. One verse must be contextualized with the rest of the Bible. Upon two or three witnesses a testimony is established and the same is with a doctrine.

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