Discernment (Goat or Sheep)

Jesus is the Good Shepherd and those who hear Him are His sheep. Its not that He isn’t speaking when we can’t hear Him, it’s that we’re too far away. The Good Shepherd leaves the 99 for the one lost sheep. He searches high and low, calling from mountain peak and valley. Yet He draws near to the broken hearted and to those who draw near to Him. If you are stuck in the thicket and cannot escape, cry out to Him as a foolish sheep, how will He hear you unless you do so? If you are lost in the wilderness, spinning and confused, be still and know that He is God, cry out to Him, and trace your tracks back to where you came from, He will meet you on the way. When in His presence once more you remember His voice and the rustling of thieves, cackles of coyotes and howls of wolves no longer are distractions but something to flee from into Jesus’s arms. His voice is the Holy Spirit, and the record of His sayings are the Holy Scriptures, His word is final and true. If any spirit contradicts the scripture, it is come to lead us astray from the path of life that we might be isolated and consumed. Seek His face through prayer and fasting to deny your flesh, for often our own flesh is deceitful and seeking the path of least resistance, it tells us to go another way than our Shepherd has gone so that it doesn’t need to suffer as much. But trust Him nevertheless, there’s a reason for everything He does, so whether offered food from a stranger or enticed by a scenic mirage in the distance, the Shepherd knows the best way and feeds you exactly what you need as you seek first His Kingdom and righteousness. Be obedient to His commandments for He will lead you into green pastures, and we shall do so Lord willing as one flock, in one accord, until we enter the narrow gate to rest.

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