Corey Colavito

Born in  the North Bay of California on May 6, 1999, radically received the testimony of Jesus Christ in a vision and later accompanying dreams and visions of the end of days and Christ’s return at the beginning of high school. This occurred after prior experience with repeated nightly demonic encounters since a young child that were introduced through his mother’s practices of new age. After questioning the lies of the educational system and ecumenicalism and the supposed purpose of reality these belief systems purported, he began to seek the real meaning with all of his heart. As he began to search he began to run into continual evidence the world is and has always been controlled by but a fraction of the population, stemming from several distinct royal lineages throughout the millennia. As he began to look into the roots of their historical involvement, their belief systems, and their accompanying signs, symbols and seals it became exceedingly obvious that they were all deeply entrenched in ancient occult, fraternities, and that at the core of their belief was that Lucifer, the fallen Cherub of the Judeo-Christian Bible was their god, and thus their goal just like in Genesis was to be as gods themselves. At this point the cosmic war for the soul of man was revealed, the true identity of the assailing spirits of his youth were revealed and the God of the Bible became a inescapably piercing, terrifying, and yet purposeful and hopeful reality. 

Soon later after brokenness and desperate prayer for understanding, He revealed Himself through His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth in a powerful vision demonstrating His Godhood, holiness,  righteousness, forgiveness, grace and  the necessity for repentance and faith in His death, burial, and resurrection for the salvation of mankind; shortly after seeing visions of the soon coming day of judgement and return of the Messiah in the fullness of His glory. Because of the great mercy, kindness and majesty of God that was revealed to him he decidedly devoted his entire being unto serving Him and knowing Him. By the leading of His Holy Spirit He continued to lead him into all truth and prune him of the corrupt ways of the world, and finally years later found genuine fellowship in the Body of Christ and was buried with Christ in water baptism.

he created this website inspired by the brevity of time, the virility of the internet, and the writers of the Bible and their dedication to the preservation of scripture, and the proliferation of its truth, salvation and power in order for the Church to come into her fullness and maturity.